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Cheaper than tracks, lighter than duals, and more effective than stock tires. J-wheelz are the solution you have been looking for.


J-wheelz are an attachment for ATVs, UTVs and 6-Wheel Vehicles that add traction and flotation to a machine. J-wheelz bolt on to the existing wheel, widening it with a unique shape that allows it to handle the deepest mud without affecting the drivability of the vehicle when on firm ground. This allows the rider to maintain full steering and speed capabilities of the machine as well as extends the life of J-wheelz by keeping them from wearing on the pavement. J-wheelz consist of a durable Impact resistant copolymer shell made from materials similar to plastics used in automotive bumpers which are known for impact rebound. This material is extremely durable and rated for temperatures down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the care put into material selection, J-wheelz are the best of all worlds. Weighing in at only 7lbs each, J-wheelz won’t weigh down a machine, but are extremely durable. Installation is simple. Replace two existing lug nuts with provided coupler extension nuts. J-Wheelz then bolt into coupler nuts. There is no need to jack up your machine or take off your existing tire. Total time needed to install four J-Wheelz is between 10-15 minutes. J-Wheelz are designed to fit 24" and larger tires and to accommodate any standard 4 bolt pattern. J-wheelz can be used on ATV’s, UTV’s, and 6x6 Vehicles and are not affected by rim diameter. J-wheelz are also available to fit Argo and Max utility vehicles. 4X4 J-WHEELZ KIT 10MM 2 BOXES = 4 PCS


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