Symtec - Quad Zone Controller Kit ATV-POCO

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Quad Zone Controller ATV Heated Grips, 4 different accessories can be added, power level memory, LED control light with adjustable intensity, multiple mounting options, 40 W (20 W / grip).Symtec - Quad Zone Controller Kit ATV-POCO


  • Controls 4 different accessories: seat heater, heated hand grips, thumbwarmer and vest or foot warmers
  • 4 independent controls sharing 1 LED display and set up buttons in a very compact package
  • Quad-Zone Controller let's you select your thumb and grip heat levels separately with additional zones for heated seat, vest, or insole heaters, available separately.
  • Each accessory can be set at any of 5 power levels
  • Microprocessor and thermister feedback loop keeps the grip heat at your desired level regardless of voltage variation or ambient conditions
  • Settings stay in memory after shut down
  • Two easy to install heated grips LED with adjustable intensity for day or night operation.
  • Maximum 40 Watts (20 Watts per Grip) @ 14 Volts
  • Fast warm-up
  • All necessary hardware and wiring is included


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